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Home of fabric, threads, notions, patterns & wool. Sit n Sew, workshops & edge to edge quilting services available.

Featured Items

Sit n Sew Sessions

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays 9 to 1pm

These sessions are 4 hours long in a creative space with like minded company,  

They provide:

  • A chance to finish that project you keep putting off

  • Creative company to help inspire you 

  • Help from your peers if you need it

  • A social gathering to get you out of the house 

  • Deb available to assist should you need her

Cutting Fabric


Sit n Sew

Crochet & Knitting Club

Let's get creative with other likeminded crafters and book yourself a seat in our next Crochet & Knitting session. 


Every Wednesday 1pm - 4.30pm $5 booking

Embroidery & English Paper Piercing Club

 If this interest you, let us know by contacting us for more information or book yourself in for our next session.

Every Tuesday 1pm - 4.30pm $5 booking

Making a Quilt

Edge to Edge Quilting Services

If you would like to use our edge to edge quilting services to help complete your masterpiece, contact us to have a chat or request a quote below.

Quilting Services

Sweet Pea Link

Are you looking for some more machine embroidery projects, grab a cuppa & click on the Sweet Pea link below

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